Information for Authors

Information for Authors


furnace aims to provide an open and multidisciplinary journal relating to all aspects of international cultural heritage. Each biannual edition has a theme, specified on the website and in the call for papers, this offers authors some guidance on their submissions.


General articles can vary in length, though the number of words should be under 2,500. Book review submissions can also be of any length but the word count cannot be over 1,500 words and for museum or exhibition reviews, the maximum is 1,000 words. For the photograph submission, a short piece of writing to introduce the picture should not exceed 50 words.


Article submissions can include images, including graphs, photographs and maps. furnace also encourages submissions of photographs as part of the photograph competition. In articles, please embed the images within the text but also attach copies of the images in the email in JPEG format. Please reference the images (see guidelines below) or specify if ‘author’s own’.


Deadlines for each biannual edition are specified on the website and on the call for papers. Submissions ma be carried over to a following edition if they are late.


All sources must be fully reference in order to avoid plagiarism. furnace uses Harvard referencing, if there are problems with the referencing, the work will be sent back to the author for corrections. As mentioned above, images should also be correctly referenced using this system.

In text reference – (Smith, 2006: 3) (Littler & Niadoo, 2005: 15)

Book – Smith, L. (2006). The uses of heritage. London: Routledge.

Journal article – Kohl, P. L. (1998). Nationalism and archaeology: on the constructions of nations and the reconstructions of the remote past. Annual Review of Anthropology. 27, 223-46.

Chapter in an edited book – MacDonald, S. (2005). Commemorating the Holocaust: reconfiguring national identity in the twenty-first century. In J. Littler & R. Niadoo (eds.). The Politics of Heritage: The Legacies of Race. Abingdon: Routledge. 44-60.


Please include in your submission: your full name, as you would like it to appear in the journal, the name of your institution and your email address. Please use a standard font (Times New Roman, Ariel, Cambria etc.) and in size 11. Format the article using bold and/or underline for titles and subtitles and please include page numbers.

Additional Information:

Please ensure that you have secured permission to reproduce any material prior to submission. Please indicate in the text and references that this permission has been granted.

Submitting your work:

In order to submit your work, please attach your work as a word document and also include originals of any images (JPEG format) and email: An editor will contact you to confirm that your submission has been received and will be considered.

Any Questions?:

Please contact the journal at: with any queries or questions relating to submissions.

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