Issue 2: Cultural Heritage in a Digital Age

furnace, is a newly forged Postgraduate Journal within the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage (IIICH), University of Birmingham. Cultural heritage is an ever expanding & diversifying discipline; sparking debates & discussions surrounding the field.

The theme for the second edition of the journal is: ‘Cultural Heritage in a Digital Age’.

In today’s Digital Age, digital technology is embedded in all cultural heritage research & engagement. This edition aims to identify through case studies the current framework between Cultural Heritage & Digital Technology.

  • Does digital technology include or exclude?
  • How participatory are the current buzzwords of Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing / User Generated Content or Mobile Technology?
  • Has an ethical & critical discourse been developed to accommodate this rapidly developing environment?

These questions begin to deconstruct some of the present issues surrounding the theme & make fundamental enquiries about the future of cultural heritage.

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Or download and read individual articles (PDF):


Davies, J. and Raine, J. Editorial: Cultural Heritage in a Digital Age.  Download

Stone, R J. Keynote Paper: Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies for Applications in Cultural Heritage: A Human Factors Perspective. Download

Majewski, J. Cultural Heritage in Role-playing Video Games: A Map of Approaches. Download

Wicks, S. The Value of Mobile Phones in Heritage Interpretation. Download

Akcebe, N and Baydar, N. An Assessment of the Digital Preservation of Manuscript Collections: The Experience of Topkapı Palace and İstanbul Archaeology Museums Libraries. Download

Bonacini, E. Inzerillo, L. Marcucci, M. Santagati, C and Todisco, F. 3D #DigitalInvasions: A Crowdsourcing Project for Mobile User Generated Content. Download

Hazan, S. Performing the Museum in the Age of Digital Reproduction. Download

Hughes, R. The International Council of Monuments and Sites: A New Digital Technology National Committee. Download

Agisheva, S. Exhibition Review: Historic Urban Landscape: Dreaming, Drawing, Design. Download

Baratin, L and Checcucci, G. Online Image Special: New Systems for the Characterization of the State of Conservation of Contemporary Art. Download.

ISSN 2057-519X (Online)