Book Reviews

Book review submissions can also be of any length but the word count cannot be over 1,500 words.
For more information on submissions see:

Books to be reviewed:

Materializing Memory. Archaeological material culture and the semantics of the past, edited by I.Barbiera, A.M.Choyke,J.A.Rasson  – BAR international Series 1977. 2009.

A Decade of discovery. Proceedings of the Portable Antiquities Scheme Conference 2007, S. Worrell, G. Egan, J. Naylor, K. Leahy, M. Lewis – Archeopress

Archeological Artefacts as Material Culture, Linda M. Hurcombe – Routledge, 2007

Conserving cultural landscapes, St. Clair, Mitchell – Taylor&Francis Group

The World’s Heritage. 2002 . UNESCO, UNESCO Publishing.

The Values of Community Archaeology. 2010 – Faye. A. Simpson – Archaeopress, Oxford.

Managing Archaeological Resources. 2005. McManamon, F. P., Stout, A., Barnes, J. A. (eds.) Walnut Creek, CA. 

The Reenactment of Art. 1991. Gablik, S. – New York, Thames & Hundson. 

Literature and Tourism. 2002. Robinson, M. & Andersen, H-C. London, Continuum. 

If you are interested in obtaining a copy and reviewing these books, please get in touch with us:

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